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Beall House - 1815-16

Beall House

Reasin Beall, a War of 1812 General, built the Beall House in which his family and descendants were to live. The house was converted for a short time to a women's dormitory for the College of Wooster. Once a museum, the house is presently being restored to the period of General Beall. It was the first building the Wooster Tree Ring Lab worked on and was successfully dated to 1816. The Beall House now serves as Wayne County's Historical Society headquarters and is the oldest house in Wooster.

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Morgan House - 1835

Morgan House

The Morgan House, currently lived in and under restoration, dates to 1816 and is one of the older houses the Wooster Tree Ring Lab has cored.

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Geiser House - 1835

Geiser House

The Geiser House was a German style cabin located in Orrville, Ohio, demolished soon after sampling. Before the house was torn down, we were able to freely sample. We used our preferred method of sampling: chain sawing cross-sections of beams. The house has been successfully dated to 1835 and beams from this cabin extended the Northeastern Ohio chronology to AD 1555.

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Pee Wee Hilton - 1802

Pee Wee Hilton

The Pee Wee Hilton is a cabin constructed of cement blocks and salvaged beams from the oldest structure in Wayne County, Ohio.
The beams were first transported to Wooster and than to the Hilton via horse drawn wagon. It was successfully dated to 1802 but is not an original structure nor in the original location. It serves as a bunk house for local boy scouts in Pee Wee Hollow.

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