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Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse - 1818


The Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse is located on the campus of the University of Akron's Wayne College in Orrville, Ohio. This farmhouse has recently been renovated and now houses a classroom on the first floor and a conference room on the second floor. Dating the outer rings of beams correlates to the documented date of construction at 1818.

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Shellar House - (in progress of dating)

Shellar House

The Smithville Community Historical Society's Sheller House is an original house from the town. It has been restored and moved to the center of Smithville but remains undated. We hope to return to this site for more sampling because we were only able to collect a single core, the Smithville Historical Society is very protective of its landmarks.

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Smithville Cabin - (in progress of dating)

Smithville Cabin

The Smithville Cabin is a pioneer cabin originally from Holmes County, Ohio, but was relocated to the center downtown Smithville.
The cabin dates to 1833 with only utilizing one core, we hope to communicate with the Smithville Historical Society and collect more samples.

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