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AAC&U Fall 2008 VALUE Initiative

The creative thinking metarubric was created as part of the an AAC&U project to document the quality of student learning and to raise retention and graduation rates. The VALUE (Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education) Initiative will begin to define, document, assess, and strengthen student achievement of the AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes in undergraduate education. Recognizing that there are no standardized tests for many of the essential outcomes of the undergraduate education, the VALUE Initiative will develop ways for students and institutions to collect convincing evidence of student learning. In addition to creative thinking, the project is creating metarubrics for ethical reasoning, foundations and skills of lifelong learning, inquiry and analysis, oral communication, quantitative literary, teamwork, civic engagement (both local and global), critical thinking, information literary, integrative learning, intercultural knowledge and competence, and written communication. We'll post the critical thinking metarubic as soon as it becomes available.

For more information visit or e-mail the VALUE Initiative Manager, Wende Morgaine, at Funding provided by the Fund for Improving Postsecondary Education and the State Farm Foundation.

AAC&U VALUE Metarubrics:

VALUE Creative Thinking Metarubric Fall 2008 Draftpdf

VALUE Ethical Reasoning Metarubric Fall 2008 Draftpdf

Fall 2008 VALUE Initiative Overviewpdf

VALUE Foundations And Skills For Lifelong Learning Metarubric Fall 2008 Draftpdf

VALUE Inquiry And Analysis Metarubric Fall 2008 Draftpdf

Fall 2008 VALUE Metarubric Evaluationpdf

VALUE Oral Communication Metarubric Fall 2008 Draftpdf