Peace Studies

Political Science 246
The College of Wooster

Spring Semester 2011

Dr. Kent Kille

This web page provides access to materials handed out in class. A web version of assignments or handouts will be posted after the materials are handed out. If you miss class that day, or if you lose your paper copy, please refer to the web version or print out a new copy from this web page. The date the material was handed out is provided in brackets after the link.


* Course Syllabus (January 17)

Peace Tools List (January 17)

Peace and Conflict Discussion Questions (January 17)

* Breakout Group Definitions (January 24)

* Midterm Review Sheet (February 4)

* Peace Movement Discussion Questions (February 13)

* International Organization Discussion Questions (February 28)

* International Law Discussion Questions (March 2)

* NGO Discussion Questions (March 4)

* Environment and Peace Discussion Questions (March 7)

* Feminist Perspectives and Peace Discussion Questions (March 9)

* Peace Education Discussion Questions (March 28)

* Economics and Peace Discussion Questions (April 1)

* End of Semester Course Syllabus Update (April 1)

* Sustainable Development Discussion Questions (April 6)

* Review Sheet for Final Exam (April 15)

* Uganda Presentation (April 21)

* Uganda Handout (April 21)

* Somalia Handout (April 27)

* Colombia Outline (May 2)

* Peace Songs of the Week (May 6)

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