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How Are Requests Prioritized?

All requests are reviewed by the maintenance management team. Each request is categorized and prioritized by one of the five following categories:

  1. Emergencies
    • Power Issues – no electricity or lighting.
    • Safety/Security – building exterior security and room locks, elevator, and fire alarm problems.
    • Water – overflowing toilet or sink, roof leak, ceiling leak, clogged drains, or water not flowing.
    • Air Temperature – temperature in a controlled building outside of the College’s tolerance range (66-74 degrees.)
    • Air Quality – any gas or foul odors that could potentially be harmful.
  2. Preventative & Deferred Maintenance
    • Preventative maintenance – proactive maintenance that deters facilities or equipment from failing.
    • Deferred maintenance – larger root cause repairs that require scheduling and planning.
  3. Routine Maintenance
    • Facility maintenance – existing building structures and equipment that are in need of repair.
    • Departmental equipment – equipment in need of repair, that is specific to a department’s use (food service, lab equipment, etc.)
  4. Projects
    • Capitalized renovations and new constructions.
    • Replacement and repair of capitalized equipment and structures.
  5. Improvements
    • Requests to alter an existing space or piece of equipment that is not broken.
    • Requests to install or create a new space or piece of equipment.
    • Handyman requests – hang pictures, install keyboard tray, etc.

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