Government Documents Round Table of Ohio

Government Documents Round Table of Ohio

Proposal for Ohio GODORT Mentorship Program

We, the Executive Board of Ohio GODORT, propose the development of an Ohio GODORT Mentorship Program in order to help and encourage new (or relatively new) documents librarians and staff by pairing them with experienced persons in the profession. The program may address specific needs (understanding how to run a depository library, providing help with bibliographic instruction, sharing tips for processing documents, encouraging depository promotion, etc.), enhance general professional development, or simply provide general moral support. Mentor pairs would define their own goals and parameters for communication (in person, by phone, or by email), and persons participating in the program can request to be paired by geographic area or by type of library.

Advantages to Mentees Advantages to Mentors

To volunteer as a mentor or to request a mentor, fill out and submit an application form:

Check one: I would like to HAVE a mentor.
I would like to BE a mentor.
Work Address
E-mail Address
Areas of Interest
Other Information/Comments

This program is patterned after the Texas Library Association-GODORT Mentor Program (


Government Documents Round Table of Ohio, November 2004
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