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To the Members--Mark Gooch

Proposed Revision of ORC 149.11

From the Editor--Karen Kimber

Ohio GODORT Web Site

Minutes Fall Meeting November 19, 1999

BGSU's Canadian Documents Collection--Carol Singer

State Library to Move--Barbara Kussow

Five Colleges of Ohio Documents Group Honored


Dues are Due

Ohio GODORT Fall 1999 Meeting

Docs Prescriptions

To the Members:
Mark Gooch, President
Kenyon College

Spring is upon us and it marks the season for new beginnings. In my case I have a legitimate reason for using this cliche. You may notice from my byline that I have moved from Cleveland State University to Kenyon College.

About the time I was settling in at Kenyon it was announced that the Five Colleges of Ohio (Denison, Kenyon, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, and Wooster) Government Documents Group was the recipient of ALA GODORT's Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award for their retrospective cataloging project. We have been hearing updates on the progress of this project and it is nice to see them receiving national recognition for all of their work. In addition, GPO has been watching this project with interest.

While in some ways Spring marks new beginnings it is also marking the end of my term as President of Ohio GODORT. At the conclusion of the Spring meeting I will be turning the gavel over to Margie Powell (Wooster) and we will be electing a new Program Chair/President Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. The spring meeting will be held May 19 at the State Library of Ohio in Columbus. Our program is finally falling into place and we will be hearing from a member of the Ohio legislature and a student from the Kent State SLIS program about a research project which he has just concluded regarding the WWW and government information. In a move toward something different, we are going to also have our report(s) from the Spring Council meeting during the morning session. As is usual, our business meeting will be held in the afternoon. I hope to see many of you at the Spring meeting.


Proposed Revision of ORC 149.11

If you haven't yet looked at the proposed revisions to ORC 149.11, the section of the Ohio Revised Code which deals with the distribution of state documents, you can see it on the State Library of Ohio's Web site at:

Comments can be sent to Jim Buchman, Head of Public Services at:

From the Editor
Karen Kimber
Wright State University

Spring greetings to all, and I hope you will enjoy this issue of Docs Prescriptions. Particular thanks go to Carol Singer for her article on Bowling Green State University's participation in the Canadian depository program. I'm sure you find it as fascinating as I did to learn about the documents program administered by our neighbor to the north and about BGSU's experience with it.

If others among you have unique collections or consortial arrangements related to government publications, please consider writing an article to tell us all about it. New authors are always welcome!


Ohio GODORT Web Site

Please note that the address for the Ohio GODORT Web site has changed (although an older version will remain at the previous URL for a short time). The new address is: godort/index.html

We thank Mark Gooch for continuing to maintain the page and Kenyon College, his new employer, for providing a home for it.


Fall Meeting � November 19, 1999
Hiram College

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by Mark Gooch.

Minutes of the Spring 1999 business meeting, held at Denison University, May 7, 1999, were approved.

Treasurer's report (Nicole Eby): We have a balance of $805.78 as of this date.



Membership Committee (standing): Diane May (Ch.), Vicky Schmarr, Coleen Parmer.
New brochure was presented. This Committee would like to get new ideas from the membership. New members were welcomed. Registration form for new members is now on the Ohio GODORT Web site.

Access to State Government Information and Publications (standing): Coleen Parmer (Ch.),Melanie Putnam, Karen Kimber, Cynthia Hall Committee needs to meet and elaborate concrete ideas. Ideas should be sent to Barbara Kussow. Proposals will go before the board and then will be posted.

Would the support of Ohio GODORT be useful? Barbara thinks that people testifying would be best. At some point the State Library would like to hear from the GODORT community. Barbara will let us know when it would be most useful.

Newsletter (Standing): Karen Kimber (Ch.), Margie Powell, Heidi Good.
Karen was unable to attend due to a death in her family. No report.

OhioLINK Issues: Karen Kottsy (Ch.), Karen Kimber, Mark Gooch.
No report.

State Plan: Barbara Kussow (Ch.), Karen Kottsy, Mary Prophet
The State Plan Committee met in March. Due to illness, Mary was unable to attend this meeting. Barbara talked briefly about the State Plan. She mentioned that there is a question in the Biennial study concerning the State plan. Ohio has had a State plan since 1986 but it needs updating (no update in the last five years). Barbara is working on part of the plan dealing with the strength of depository libraries. She would like to hear from libraries. A question was raised on how to access it. For the time being, the plan is not in electronic format. Barbara will gladly send it to anyone requesting it. It was suggested that Mark might be able to scan it and put it on the Ohio GODORT Web page.

GODORT of Ohio E-mail List and Homepage: Mark Gooch (Ch.), Jennifer McMullen, Lynn Lenart.
The membership list is being updated and will be posted as soon as possible. There has been a change in e-mail address. It is now:

Ohio GODORT Constitution: Evron Collins (Coordinator), Margie Powell, Carol Singer.
The Executive Committee approved the Constitution with changes mentioned at the spring meeting. Suggested changes were also incorporated.

Usage will determine future changes needed.

Margie Powell moved that Committee be dissolved since its charge is finished. Committee dissolved. Committee was thanked for its work and given an ovation.


Ratification of the revised Constitution.
Members were given a copy of the new Constitution. After some discussion, a motion was made by Margie Powell to accept the revised Constitution. Motion seconded by Coleen Parmer. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Status of affiliation with ALA GODORT (Mark Gooch)
Mark Gooch has been in contact with ALA concerning this matter and is still waiting to hear from them. He has been told that Ohio GODORT does not need to be a member of ALA to join ALA GODORT. We used to be affiliated with ALA GODORT but membership has long since expired. Question was raise as to what we would gain from affiliation. Our name will be in the brochure. We will also get a copy of Documents to the People. Our liaison would keep us informed of what is happening at the national level with documents. We will also get publicity. Mark stated that if we are members of Ohio GODORT and ALA GODORT, anyone could attend the meeting. It is quite inexpensive and would foster communi-cation. Margie Powell made a motion to initiate our affiliation with ALA GODORT. Motion seconded by George Kline.


Consideration of Dues Increase (Mark Gooch)
In order to be able to change our dues, we need to revise the newly adopted by-laws. Dues need to be increased in order to be able to present quality programs at our meetings. Last dues increase was over ten years ago (from $5.00 to $10.00). The Board suggested increasing dues to $15.00 or $20.00 per year. After some discussion regarding the number of members (at present estimated at 58) and the cost of a typical program ($500.00 to $700.00), Coleen Parmer made the motion to increase dues from $10.00 to $20.00. This increase will not be effective until Spring 2000. According to the new by-laws, dues will be paid from Spring to Spring. Motion seconded by George Kline.

After some discussion, motion passed. In the Spring dues will be $20.00 per year.

Volunteers for Nominating Committee (for Program Chair/President Elect and Secretary/ Treasurer).
Margie Powell asked for volunteers for the nominating committee. She also mentioned that according to the revised Constitution, the President has the right to appoint people.

Honorary Membership for George Barnum and Francis Buckley
Clyde Hordusky is an honorary member. Do we want to consider honorary lifetime memberships for George Barnum and Francis Buckley? After some discussion, a motion was made to bestow honorary membership to George Barnum and Francis Buckley. Motion seconded by George Kline. Discussion followed on deciding criteria for obtaining lifetime membership. Motion failed. Executive committee will contact people to write criteria and decide afterwards whether we want to go forward with this item.

Venue, program ideas, and date for Spring meeting
Two possible sites were proposed for the spring meeting: he State Library and Ohio State. Most likely, it will be the State Library. As soon as date is known, it will be advertised. Margie Powell requested ideas for programs.

Barbara Kussow announced that Ohio GODORT is listed in the Ohio Libraries 99 edition. Also listed are state and federal depositories.

Barbara also announced that military standards are available by request to the State Library.

State Plan: GPO's plan to substitute electronic format for tangible formats was announced in the Administrative Notes of May 15, 1999. Some felt that a listing of GPO approved formats should be part of the State plan.

Offers list: The Webmaster of the State Library has resigned; Barbara asked for our patience and understanding in the delay experienced with posting. Guidelines will be revised and the name of the list might be changed to "Ohio Needs and Offers." She explained that the list of needs and offers stays on the Web for 2 months. If the format is changed to a listserv, the disposal time will be shorter. Barbara previews all offers before posting them on the list. She suggested offering the list nationally before disposing of items. She mentioned that state documents do not need approval before disposal. Offer list is posted on odd-numbered months. Ideally, a list should be received by the 15th of the month previous to posting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Nicole Eby


BGSU's Canadian Documents Collection
Carol A. Singer
Bowling Green State University

When Evron Collins became Bowling Green State University's Map Librarian in 1981, she realized that the easiest method of acquiring the Canadian maps of the Great Lakes, to match our U.S. maps of the Great Lakes, was to get them as a depository library. Being a Canadian depository would also be useful for faculty and students in our Canadian Studies program and would complement our Historical Collections of the Great Lakes. Several times since then the library has attempted to be named a Canadian depository. Two years ago Consul General John Tennant, from the Canadian Consulate in Detroit, visited BGSU to become familiar with the Canadian Studies Program. While he was on campus, Evron asked if it might be possible for BGSU to become a Canadian depository. Mr. Tennant directed a staff member to look into the matter. We were told how to apply for Canadian depository status, including stating why we wanted to become a depository. Last fall, we received a phone call telling us we had been granted status as a Canadian depository. The only other Canadian depository in Ohio is the Case Western Reserve University Law Library.

The Depository Services Program is the agency that runs the depository system in Canada. Their main web site is: dsp-psd/index-e.html. The Program has placed its handbooks and manuals on the Internet for those who need them to download. They don't send out a long list of all of the classes available from which depositories can choose. There aren't classes such as Small Business Administration Handbooks, Manuals, Guides where you aren't really sure what you're going to get. You also don't get only one chance each year to add on series that you wished you had previously selected. And, you don't find that new items are constantly being added to previous item numbers without getting a chance to select the new item separately.

Every week the Library receives a copy of the pink sheets, the Weekly Checklist of Canadian Government Publications. This booklet, also linked from the Depository Services Program web site, includes a list of all of the available documents for that week. The last page of the booklet is a page on which you can check the publications you want to receive. Some of the documents listed are periodicals or other publications that are distributed by a mailing list. If you check one of these titles, you are placed on the mailing list for that title. Some items are monographic publications that you can receive by checking the appropriate box on the last page. Once you have checked the boxes of the documents you want from the Depository Services Program, you send them the checklist or order electronically. Other titles listed in the Checklist are available free to depositories from the issuing agency and the pink sheets list the correct address and telephone number from which to request the document. The Checklist also includes prices of documents if you need to purchase a copy. For documents that are available on the Internet, the URL is included in the record. Coleen Parmer, BGSU's Head of Government Documents, has also made a database that lists all of the documents selected by BGSU and the selections are entered into that database.

Once the Library receives the selected titles, they're stamped, cataloged, and barcoded. Some are sent to the bindery. All of our Canadian documents are included in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. Our Canadian documents are shelved in a separate collection within the Government Documents Collection using the Canadian equivalent of the SuDocs classification system. As with U.S. government publications, we receive paper copies, microforms, posters, and CD-ROMs. We also have the opportunity to subscribe to electronic files.

A few of the series we're getting are National Library News; Canadian Economic Observer; Consumer Price Index; Employment, Earnings, and Hours; S&E: Science & the Environment Bulletin (monthly).

Some of the individual titles we've received are Je Parle Francais: A Portrait of La Francophonie in Canada; Protection of the Waters of the Great Lakes; Husband Abuse: An Overview of Research and Perspectives; Toward a Healthy Future: Second Report on the Health of Canadians; South of the Border: Graduates from the Class of '95 Who Moved to the United States; Acid Rain; A Portrait of Seniors in Canada; Characteristics of Dual-Earner Families; How to Make Your Organization Bilingual; and Shaping the Future of Canadian Defence: A Strategy for 2020.

Among the differences between the Canadian and United States depository systems is the method of discarding publications. Canadian documents must not be discarded, but instead must be returned to the Depository Services Program, even if they've been superseded.

Unfortunately, another difference is that the map depository program is separate from the Depository Services Program, so we're still not getting the Canadian maps, which was Evron Collins' original reason for investigating the possibility of becoming a Canadian depository.

This collection is extremely valuable for our Canadian Studies Program and also for other programs, such as International Studies. It is used by students and faculty for a variety of classes in which other countries are studied or in which the United States is compared to other countries.

As we received our first documents at the end of 1999, the collection is still small, but it will become more useful every month as we continue to receive more documents.



State Library to Move
Barbara Kussow
State Library of Ohio

It's official. The State Library will be moving to the Jeffrey Mining Corporate Center, 274 East First, at the corner of Fourth and First in Columbus, just north of downtown. The move could begin as early as July or August. At this time, no decisions have been made about how long the Library will be closed during the move.


Five Colleges of Ohio Documents Group Honored

All of us in Ohio are proud and delighted that the Five Colleges of Ohio Documents Group have been honored for their retrospective cataloging project. You can see the ALA award citation at: awards/2000recip.html Mark Gooch sent the following letter to all of the Five Colleges library directors, Susan Palmer (Five Colleges Administrative Director), and Ellen Conrad (Five Colleges Project Coordinator):

Dear -----:

On behalf of the Government Documents Round Table of Ohio I would like to congratulate you and your staff who are involved with the Five Colleges of Ohio Government Documents Group cataloging project which was awarded the 2000 Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award from the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table.

Projects such as this one greatly enhance access to a wealth of information which has been relatively unknown and consequently underused in the past. Also, as was noted in the announcement of the award, adding new records to the catalog will not only be beneficial to the participant schools but also to the state through OhioLINK and to the nation through the enhancement of OCLC records which can then be utilized by other libraries.

Without your support, encouragement and financial backing, projects of this sort would not be possible. Once again, congratulations to your staff for a job well done and for the well-deserved recognition that this award brings.

Mark D. Gooch
President, Ohio GODORT
Kenyon College



The Nominating Committee presents the following slate of candidates for the coming year:
Program Chair/President Elect: Heidi Good (University of Dayton)
Secretary/Treasurer: Jan Schnall (Youngstown State University)

At the May 19 meeting, when the election will take place, nominations will also be taken from the floor.

Serving on the Nominating Committee were Karen Kimber (Chair), Sherry Engle, and Jennifer McMullen.


Dues are Due!

Our revised constitution specifies that our dues-paying year runs from spring meeting to spring meeting, so the time is upon us. Remember that an increase to $20.00 was approved by the membership at the fall meeting. As usual, dues will be accepted at the spring meeting. If you want to pay by mail after that, please send your check to the new Secretary/Treasurer who will be elected at the meeting. That person's name and address will be available on the Ohio GODORT Web page shortly after May 19.


Ohio GODORT Spring 2000 Meeting
The State Library of Ohio
Downtown Columbus, Ohio

May 19, 2000

The program for the spring meeting will feature a potpourri of speakers who will touch on current issues facing depository librarians during this electronic transition.

Joe Salem, Government Documents, Kent State University Library, will lead off with a report of his graduate research project at Kent, which studied the attitudes toward using the World Wide Web as a source of government information.

Karen Kimber, Wright State University, will review a Census workshop, held recently at Cleveland State University, which covered plans and products for the 2000 Population and Housing Census and the 1997 Economic Census. Continuing the focus on government information at the state level will be

Ron Amstutz, member of the Ohio House of Representatives (7th District) and current candidate for the office of state Senator. Mr. Amstutz will share with us his perspective on and involvement with the use of technology to provide citizens further access to state information and resources. His visit should also provide us with an opportunity to articulate the need for state information in our libraries.

There will also be reports from the recent Depository Library Council meeting in Newport and the Digital Library workshop at Case.

The meeting will begin at approximately 10 a.m. (registration and refreshments begin at 9:30 a.m.). PLEASE RSVP TO MARGARET POWELL AT OR (330) 263-2279.


9:30-10:00 Coffee and Refreshments
10:00-10:30 Guest Speaker:
Joe Salem,
Kent State University
10:30-11:00 Guest Speaker:
Karen Kimber,
Wright State University
11:00-11:45 Guest Speaker:
Ron Amstutz, Member
Ohio House of Representatives
11:45-1:30 Lunch on Your Own (list of restaurants will be available)
1:30-3:00 Business Meeting

Dinner on Thursday Night (5/18) ???

If people are interested in dining together Thursday night please contact Margaret Powell at or 330-263-2279


The State Library of Ohio is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Directions and a map are available at their website.

Hotel Accomodations

There are a number of hotels in downtown Columbus as well as along I-270 which circles Columbus. Hotels in either of these areas will provide you with easy access to the State Library. Visit the web site of your favorite hotel to find a Columbus-area location.



Docs Prescriptions
The Newsletter of the Government
Documents Round Table of Ohio

Issue 51 Spring 2000

Mark Gooch, President
Olin and Chalmers Libraries
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 43022

Margaret Powell, Program Chair/President Elect
Andrews Library
The College of Wooster
Wooster, OH 44691

Nicole Eby, Secretary/Treasurer
Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library
Magazines/Government Documents
215 E. Third St.
Dayton, OH 45402
937-227-9500 x306

Karen Kimber, Editor
Dunbar Library
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435

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