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To the Members--Barbara L. Bell

From the Editor--Karen Kimber

Minutes--Fall Meeting

Letter to Deputy State Librarian

Ohio Needs and Offers List Now Electronic

The OECD on the Internet--Carol A. Singer

On the Web in Ohio--Karen Kimber

Constitution Revision

Spring 1999 Meeting

Docs Prescriptions

To the Members:
Barbara L. Bell, President
The College of Wooster

May 7 at our spring meeting we will be electing new officers for Ohio GODORT. I want to thank this year's officers for the support they have given me and the organization. Mark Gooch, as Program Chair/President-Elect has arranged interesting programs for both of our meetings this year. After the May meeting he will be assuming the President's position.

Since the office of Secretary/Treasurer is a two-year commitment, Nicole Eby, this year's Secretary/Treasurer, will remain in this position for another year. Nicole has done a fine job of recording our business meetings and of keeping the Treasurer's books. Her continuation will aid in a smooth transition for next year's officers.

Karen Kimber will also continue as editor of our newsletter Docs Prescriptions. Each issue takes a lot of time to solicit articles, organize the issues, and distribute them. We have appreciated her dedication and enthusiasm this year.

The Nominating Committee is looking for a person to nominate for the President-Elect's position. This is the only new position for this year. People on the committee are Karen Kottsy (chair), University of Cincinnati; Cynthia Hall, Porter Public Library; and Lynn Lenart, University of Akron Law Library. If you have suggestions for a vice presidental candidate please drop Karen Kottsy a note at

Mark your calendar for the upcoming spring Ohio GODORT meeting, which is to be at Denison University on May 7, 1999. This meeting will be after the Depository Conference and Council meetings in Washington, DC so that we can update everyone on issues discussed there. Mark Gooch, vice president, has organized a good program for us in the morning. Ellen Conrad, 5 Colleges Coordinator for the Original and Historical Cataloging Project, Government Documents, will tell us about this project and its accomplishments to date. Mr. Barry Bennett, Office of Strategic Research, Ohio Department of Development, will tell us about his department and about the U.S. Census Bureau's American FactFinder project. In the afternoon we will have a business meeting and discussion. I hope that many of you will be able to attend this meeting. I look forward to seeing you there.

Next year I will be on leave in Cambridge, England, and South Africa. I will be writing two or three articles based on my research interests and participating in an IFLA bibliographic workshop in Tblisi, Georgia. I plan to keep in touch through e-mail and am happy to leave you in the capable hands of Mark and company!


From the Editor
Karen Kimber
Wright State University

I would like to thank the contributors to this issue, particularly Carol Singer for her critique of the OECD Web site. Remember, contributions to the newsletter are very welcome. Such items as reviews of Web sites and the sharing other useful information are much appreciated by your colleagues around the state. Contact me if you would like to see your article in print!

Thanks once again to John Graham, Elizabeth Zuelke, and the staff of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County for hosting last fall's meeting. Those of us who took the tour of their new documents department, enjoyed it very much, especially seeing the patent-related materials.

Now spring is springing forward merrily, and before we know it, we'll be meeting at Denison. I hope many of you will be able to be there.

Bored with looking at the same old clip art whenever your Docs Prescriptions editor needs to fill in a little space? Please help! If you know of a source of clip art suitable for our newsletter, please send the information to Karen Kimber.



Fall Meeting--November 6, 1998
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

The Ohio Government Documents Round Table met at the main branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County on November 6, 1998. About 40 people were present. The guest speaker was Nan Myers from Wichita State University, who presented a program on the Documents Data Miner.

John Graham, the host, (Public Library of Cincinnati) introduced his colleague Elizabeth Zuelke and began the program at 10:00 am. Mr. Paul Hudson, Director of the Main Library welcomed everyone. Barbara Bell (College of Wooster), President, gave an overview of the day.


Barbara Bell began the meeting at 1:50 pm. The group approved the minutes of the Spring Ohio GODORT meeting.

Nicole Eby (Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library) read the treasurer�s report, which was approved.


Membership Committee - Standing. Members are Diane May (Ch.), Coleen Parmer, and Andrea Peakovic.

The committee will review the brochure and would like to complete it by the end of March. They will do a survey of all depositories to see if Ohio GODORT is known amongst them and generate some interest in our organization; they would like to have this completed by the end of April. They will explore the possibility of sending Docs Prescriptions to all depositories. They would like suggestions from the membership. (Please send suggestions to Diane May.)

Access to State Government Information and Publications - Standing. Members are Coleen Parmer (Ch.), Melanie Putnam, Karen Kimber, and Cynthia Hall.

The committee explored the possibility of having Ohio tax forms sent as reproducible forms to libraries. Since a new tax commissioner is going to be appointed in January, the committee will draft such a proposal and send it to the new commissioner. This campaign will be started around February.

The committee will also look into an agency liaison program, much like ALA GODORT, with state agencies (e.g. Ohio Department of Development).

The committee will remind the State Library how important the State Library's support is for depository libraries.

Coleen Parmer will be on sabbatical this coming year and will work on Ohio fugitive documents.

Newsletter - Standing. Members are Karen Kimber (Editor), George Barnum, Margie Powell, and Heidi Good.

Karen thanked the contributors to Docs Prescriptions and wants members to submit their articles by January 9, 1999. Docs Prescriptions has been posted on the GODORT web site by Mark Gooch. It was decided that members only would receive a paper copy of the newsletter up to one year after the expiration of their membership. (Motion made by Mary Prophet and seconded by Margie Powell.) It was also decided to send Docs Prescriptions to all depositories before the spring meeting. (Motion made by Nani Ball and seconded by Barbara Bell.)

Meetings will also be announced via postcards and the use of mailing lists.

Kent State has a complete set of Ohio GODORT archives.

OhioLINK. Members are Karen Kimber, Karen Kottsy, and Mark Gooch.

The committee had no report and will meet after the meeting.

State Plan. Members are Barbara Kussow and Karen Kottsy.

Barbara Kussow and Karen Kottsy have had e-mail contacts with Steve Henson (expert on state plans) and Gail Snyder. Actually, there are already state plans on the Web: KY, LA, MO, OK, OR, MD, and MI. Barbara Bell, Mary Prophet, Julia Baldwin, and Barbara Kussow will start on a plan early in 1999, Evron Collins offered her help with the "map part of the plan.� Coleen Parmer suggested that after seeing preliminaries of the plan, small groups could work on specific parts of it.

GODORT of Ohio e-mail list and Homepage. Members are Mark Gooch, Ch., and Jennifer McMullen.

The e-mail list seems to be operating properly. Archives will be fixed and put into operation. The membership list will be updated. The secretary will send the updated directory file to Mark.

GODORT of Ohio Constitution. Members are Evron Collins (Coord.), Carole Singer, and Margie Powell.

Evron noted that the Constitution and By-laws need to be amended (e.g., nominations, membership fee). The Committee will make recommendations. Motion made by Margie Powell and seconded by Mary Prophet to put the Constitution marked with the suggested corrections on the Ohio GODORT Web page for examination by the membership. It will then be an agenda item for the Spring meeting.

Legislative Action (Ad Hoc)

The letter written by Barbara Kussow (and approved by the membership) was sent to senators De Wine and Glenn. This was followed by a shorter e-mail message, but as we know, S. 2288 failed. Maybe it will be reintroduced next year.


Nominating Committee
Three volunteers are needed. Since no one volunteered, people will be asked by telephone.

Depository Library Council, San Diego
Margie Powell reported on the conference.

State Library of Ohio
Kathy Webb�s letter, sent on behalf of our group to Cynthia McLaughlin (State Library), suggesting qualities for a documents specialist, was discussed. Barbara Kussow is filling that position. The name has been changed to "Government Information Specialist.� Barbara has accompanied Gail Snyder on several inspections of libraries in Ohio. The new position includes implementing Internet training for state employees. Nicole Berendsen has filled Barbara�s old job.

Discard Lists
Barbara Kussow would like to develop an electronic list of discards. There were strong recommendations to put it on the Internet. Questions needing answers are: How long to keep it posted? Should we have archives? At present, Audrey Hall handles the discard lists. Barbara will keep the group apprised of the progress. The library is in the process of renovation. It will move in the future but date is uncertain.

Five Colleges Historical Government Documents Cataloguing Project
Ellen Conrad, the Coordinator, reported on the project. Five schools (Denison, Kenyon, Oberlin, Wooster, and Ohio Wesleyan) are working on this, each taking different agencies. They plan to originate 2,000 original records for pre-1976 material. A Mellon grant, which will run out in about 2 years, is enabling this project.

Annual committee review
Committees should be examined each year to assess their validity. This will be discussed at the Spring meeting.

Spring meeting
According to the Constitution, the Spring meeting should be held in the Columbus area. Denison volunteered to host the meeting. John Graham suggested that a good Spring Program would be the "Original Cataloguing Project.� Mark Gooch should be contacted for any ideas on programming. The date for the Spring meeting will be announced later.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nicole D. Eby, Secretary/Treasurer


Letter to Deputy State Librarian

Cynthia McLaughlin
Deputy State Librarian
State Library of Ohio
65 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43266-0334

December 23, 1998

Dear Ms. McLaughlin:

We are writing on behalf of the members of the Government Documents Round Table of Ohio to express our appreciation and support for newly appointed State of Ohio Documents Coordinator Barbara Kussow. We are very pleased with your decision to hire Barbara in the new position and look forward to working with her over the coming years. I am sure that you are aware that Barbara is well known to Ohio documents librarians. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and leadership ability will be valuable assets.

Many of us in the documents community have reason to thank Barbara and her staff for their support and guidance in this complex and demanding age of documents librarianship. As we struggle to meet the requirements of the Federal Depository Library Program and user demands, we turn to the Regional Depository for direction. Ohio GODORT asks that the State Library continue to support the difficult work that Barbara and her staff undertake for they serve not only their local area but all those who use depository libraries in Ohio.

The responsibilities of a regional depository, as spelled out in Chapter 8 of GPO's Instructions to Depository Libraries, cover a wide range of activities including collection development for the regional and selectives, reference service, interlibrary loan, training, and consultation especially with new documents librarians. The Instructions also state that "The effectiveness of the Federal Depository Library Program depends on close cooperation between selective Federal depositories and their Regional Federal Depository. Regional Federal depository libraries play a vital role in the Federal Depository Library System." I know that Barbara will meet this challenge.

So again, Ohio GODORT thanks you for the confidence you have shown in selecting Barbara as Documents Coordinator and for your support of the Ohio and the U.S. documents depository program.

Sincerely yours,
Coleen Parmer
Chair, Access to State Government and Publications Committee, Ohio GODORT Bowling Green State University

Barbara L. Bell
President, Ohio GODORT
The College of Wooster


Ohio Needs and Offers List Now Electronic

Good news from the State Library of Ohio! An electronic Needs and Offers list is being added to the State Library's Web site. Barbara Kussow has prepared guidelines for using this new service and invites comments. You can find them at: This will be very helpful to all federal depository librarians as they organize their discard procedures, and having the lists on the Web will be especially useful to those who are trying to fill in gaps in their collections.


The OECD on the Internet

Carol A. Singer
Bowling Green State University

The web site for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development contains information about OECD activities, lists of publications, the full text of some publications, and excerpts from other documents.

The most efficient way I found to locate interesting documents was to click on the Activities icon that�s on their home page. The Activities page provides links to areas of OECD interest, such as Education; Employment; Labour and Social Affairs; Environmental Issues; Ageing Society; Trade; Statistics; and Development/Co-operation. Each of these areas has its own page, with links to online working papers, statistics, and publications.

For instance, the section �Ageing Society� includes links to full text working papers, such as �Microeconomic Analysis of the Retirement Decision: United States.� Despite the rather unpromising title, I found this to be a fascinating discussion of what influences a person�s decision to retire and what sources of income are important, both to retired persons and to people of retirement age who are still working. This document, as is the case with many of the online papers, requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The section �Education, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs� includes many tables and some of the text from �Education at a Glance: OECD Education Indicators 1998,� an international comparison of education indicators. The online version, available in both English and French, includes �Key Comparisons and Trends� and many of the tables. There is also a link to the OECD Educational Database, which includes various international education indicators. The tables require the use of Microsoft Excel, although I found that I didn�t need to know how to use Excel. When I clicked on the link to the table, my computer opened Excel, with the table displayed. All I had to do was click on the print icon to print a copy of the table.

Also within the �Education, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs� section, I found a working paper titled, �Measures of Job Satisfaction: What Makes a Good Job? Evidence from OECD Countries,� the result of a survey of 7,000 workers in OECD countries to determine what job attributes they felt gave them the most job satisfaction.

The Statistics icon on the OECD home page, was quite useful as it provided links, organized by subject, to OECD statistics.

The home page includes a Search icon. The search engine allows the use of Boolean operators and, or, and not. It also allows the use of proximity operators, such as near, phrase, sentence and paragraph, although the proximity operators must be enclosed in angle brackets, e.g.: jobsatisfaction. However, my search results included many entries that contained only a URL, with no title. This severely limited the usefulness of the search. I found browsing by activity area was easier, but the search function works if you have enough time to look at each document retrieved from your search request.


On the Web in Ohio
Karen Kimber
Wright State University

In the news as I write (and in the center of some controversy) are the School District Report Cards, which are produced by the Ohio Department of Education. This is the kind of occasion when I'm grateful to live in our technological age, because these reports are readily available on the department's Web site: Don't miss the related, more detailed reports from ODE's Information Managements Services division: Barbara Kussow has announced a revision of the Government Information Services page on the State Library of Ohio's Web site ( Thanks to Barbara and her staff for making all this information available.


Constitution Revision

The Constitution Committee has put together a draft of the revision of the Ohio GODORT Consitution, which will be discussed at the spring meeting. It is available for review on the organization's Web page at:

Take a look and bring your ideas to the meeting. If you won't be there, send your comments to one of the committee members. Their addresses are on the Web page.

We all appreciate the effort that the committee - Evron Collins, Margie Powell, and Carol Singer - have put into this. Thank you!


Docs Prescriptions
The Newsletter of the Government
Documents Round Table of Ohio

Issue 49 Spring 1999

Barbara Bell, President
Andrews Library
The College of Wooster
Wooster, OH 44691

Mark Gooch, Program Chair/President Elect
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library
Cleveland State University
1801 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115-2403

Nicole Eby, Secretary/Treasurer
Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library
Magazines/Government Documents
215 E. Third St.
Dayton, OH 45402
937-227-9500 x306

Karen Kimber, Editor
Dunbar Library
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435

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