Department of Economics
The College of Wooster
Economics 110
Prof. John W. Sell

Project Guidelines

This project is designed to allow you to put into practice many of the tools that we have been learning throughout this semester and to apply them to a topic that interests you. The evaluation of this project counts 15% of your final course grade. You are expected to do this project independently without outside help from others.

Your project is to be submitted at the beginning of class on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 and you will be evaluated on what you submit on that date. Papers not received by this time will receive a grade of zero.

Develop an hypothesis based on the economics that you have learned in Principles of Economics or in this course. Develop your own case study of the project. Select a topic that can be evaluated using one of the databases that we have discussed: COMPUSTAT, the United States Census, Lexis Nexus®, FRED or other government sources, etc.. A one-page description of your intended topic (hypothesis) and data source(s) must be submitted to me no later than November 20, but may be submitted sooner.

Your project should follow the following format:

Note that it does not matter whether your results support your theory or not. What is important is how well you demonstrate that you understand the concepts that we have developed in class and how well you have applied them in your project.

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