Department of Business Economics

Economics/Buec. 401c
Professor John W. Sell
Spring 2012

Junior IS Colloquium

The word colloquium comes from two Latin words meaning "speaking together."  Within the context of Junior IS at Wooster, our Junior IS Colloquium seeks to establish a dialogue between the members of our group that is designed to facilitate the sharing of information and constructive criticism designed to improve the quality of your Junior IS research.  In this process, it is important for you to be actively engaged in your own work and in evaluating the work of others.  Thus, you are expected to submit your work in a timely way for the review of others in the group and to react thoughtfully to their work.

The end result of this semester's work should be a Senior IS prospectus containing a detailed theoretical discussion culminating in a conceptual hypothesis, a literature review chapter which summarizes and integrates empirical literature that is relevant to this hypothesis, and a research proposal which outlines operational variables and sources of data.  Under most circumstances, this prospectus will form the basis for your Senior IS.  Our group sessions will help you in this process by providing timely feedback on your work.  I may from time to time offer additional written feedback on your work.  Our colloquium sessions meet MW from 12:00 - 12:50pmYou are expected to arrive promptly and to arrive prepared.  If you are presenting on a given day, you are expected to have your materials in our shared folder no later than 48 hours prior to your presentation (e.g., by noon on Monday for a Wednesday presentation).  Failure to do so will reduce your participation grade.

A timetable and syllabus for our Colloquium is shown separately.  Course materials will be distributed through the online wiki .  Click "Log In" in the upper right-hand corner of the window and enter your username/password as requested.  Then select, "Professor Sell's Course Materials" from the list on the left and, after that, select "Econ. and Buec. Colloquium" (our course).  This will take you to a page that displays links for four articles referenced in the syllabus.  Further instructions on how to use our wiki will be given the first day of class.

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