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Wooster Recognized by University of Michigan Business School Magazine. The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania also follows Wooster's I.S. Model. According to Dividend, the magazine of the University of Michigan School of Business (Spring 2003, p. 28), their "Senior Seminar" is modelled after the IS program at the College of Wooster. The magazine goes on to cite Wooster as, "...a national leader in providing undergraduate students with an in-depth research experience..." and says that the Wharton School will introduce a similar program shortly.  Wooster has also been selected as a partner in the Simon Business School's Early Leaders Program.

The Economics Department with its options in Economics and Business Economics is the third largest Department at the College of Wooster as measured by the number of students who have chosen to major with us. We are proud of our comprehensive program and encourage you to obtain more information about the Department and its offerings. This page and those that are linked to it offer general information for prospective Wooster students or for currently-enrolled sophomores who are thinking about which major to select. Those of you who have already declared a major with us, will find a lot of helpful information including a FAQ about Independent Study, links to useful economics and business data sources, and course requirement worksheets that you can download. A comprehensive site map will help you find what you want quickly. Let us know if there is additional information that you would like to see here.

Courses and Curriculum

Programs at Wooster related to Business Economics

There are a number of programs that are related to the Business Economics major, but which are open to all members of the campus community.


Business Economics majors are eligible for membership in Omicron Delta Epsilon, International Honorary Society in Economics. Wooster's chapter is Alpha-Gamma of Ohio and we induct new members each Spring. Contact the Chapter Advisor for more information.

Contact us!

For further information about a course, contact the instructor of the course by clicking on a link in the faculty list. To obtain general information about the Department, use the form below. Be sure to include your e-mail address so that we can respond to you.

Just for Fun...

An accountant walks into a pizzeria and orders a pizza.

When the pizza is done and he goes to the counter to pick it up, the clerk asks, "Should I cut it into six or eight pieces?"

The accountant replies, "Eight please. I'm rather hungry today."

The Economist joke page has something for everyone. Enjoy!

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