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The main econometrics package used in our department is STATA which is available on the lab computers in Morgan 217.  Your I.S. advisor or course instructor can help you determine which statistical tests are appropriate for you. There is also a data sheet that will tell you how to prepare Excel data for use with Stata. For techinical information about running STATA, contact Professor J. Burnell or Professor Sell.

Software for viewing pages and downloading information can be found at:




A General Source

Lexis Nexis offers a comprehensive site which is always a good place to begin. Offerings include a variety of financial reports, statistical databases, court cases and much more. There is also a section on current and recent news items.

Business & Finance News

The Economist is an exceptional news magazine written from a sound economics perspective.
The CNN Financial Network contains up-to-date news from CNN.
The Wall Street Journal also has an on-line service. Some information is by subscription only, but you can obtain a trial subscription.
The Financial Times of London offers a more international perspective.
Fortune and Business Week are both available online as well. From the Fortune site, you can download Fortune 500 and 1000 data in Excel format that may be helpful for I.S..
Euromoney and World Link also offer international financial information.


  • The College subscribes to the COMPUSTAT Industrial Data Base which contains data from annual reports, 10-K reports, and other sources for over 4000 firms over 20 years. These data can be downloaded to your Alpha account and then used by SHAZAM on the Alpha or on a Macintosh computer.
  • The Value Line Investment Survey is useful for some types of security analysis.  It gives one-page summaries in pdf format containing up to 10 years of financial data for many publically-traded companies.

There is also a page with concentration data for manufacturing industries including number of firms and industry sales. There is a spreadsheet with industry data from the 1992 census and a link to the 1997 census (the latest available). Industry data are based on NAICS or SIC definitions. A table that links the two definitions is here.

Alta Vista Search

There are also a number of sources of data on the internet. Alta Vista is a fast and comprehensive search engine for all kinds of information.

Data Links

General indices and pointers to Economics and Financial data can be found at:

Some resources that we have found to be especially useful for Business Economics research are linked below. Let us know if you discover some links that should be listed here.

Some of these data can be downloaded in text (.txt) format and you can then open the file with EXCEL or a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Other data have been compressed, usually in an IBM-format (.zip) which can be expanded by using a program line Winzip (under Windows) or directly from the Finder in Mac OSX.  Some older Mac files are compressed with Stuffit a free expander for which can be downloaded from the link on the left.  A platform-independent document reader is Adobe Acrobat.

Personal Computer Choice. Historically, the College has been a Macintosh-oriented institution. An early pioneer in Campus networking, we appreciated the superior networking capabilities of the Macintosh platform. With the conversion to a modern fiber-optic network and the expansion of web-based information, however, it is now possible easily to connect Macintosh computers and PC's operating under Windows (XP Professional or higher only) to the same network. Most work that economists do is independent of platform choice. Industry-standard Microsoft Excel and Word can be used on either Macintosh or PCs. The Macintosh computers in Morgan 217 have Stata on them for you to use. Modern Macintosh computers can run both Mac OSX and Windows.  If you are using a Windows PC, consult with your instructor about how best to integrate it with your course work.

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