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Chris Alghini, The Berkshire School

Arsalan Ali, '95, Senior Account Executive, Austin Knigt

Yaser Al-Nimr, '00, Control Accountant, Portfolio Securities Dept., Investor's Bank & Trust.

Lisa Clark-Armstrong, '93, LuK, Incorporated.

Jim Bates, '68, Director of Fund Development, Westminster Church of Detroit

Nate Bayer, '00, Commodity Structuring Analyst, FirstEnergy Corporation.

Chris Bell '91

Lee Bender, '66, Chair, Business & Computer Dept, Montgomery County Community College.

Sandeep Bhatia, '89, Principal Consultant, Price Waterhouse

Rahim Bhayani, '01, Performance Management & Performance Group, Deloitte-Touche

Rohit Burman, '95

Ifran Butt, '89

Rich Carroll, '63, Professor of Economics, Lock Haven University

Aamir Chaudhry, '96

Jill (Chokey) Ramsier, '95, National Promotions Manager, Red Lobster

John Cook, '69, Partner, Long, Cook & Samsa CPA Inc.

Paige Cotcamp, '82, CEO, Air and Surface Couriers

Melissa Culver, Thunderbird School of Management

Tomislav Cvjetkovic, '00, Financial Analyst, Kobrand Industries

Devoki Dasgupta, '01, Data Products Analyst, Ibbotson Associates

Tomas J. Espenshade, '65, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

Karl Federmann, '90

Wade Gibson, '94

Jacquelyn Gray, '00, Law Program, Georgetown University Law Center

Audrey Hannum, '85, Engineer, Fluor Fernald

Mustafa Hasham, Connaissance Consulting, '97

Syed "Wassi" Hassan, '99, Financial Analyst, 2B Technologies Private Limited.

Dario Higuchi, ’01, Analyst, Consolidated Financial Services, Santa Monica, CA .

Afshad, Irani, '90, Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of New Hampshire

Syed (Ali) Jaffery, '89, Porfolio Advisor, Jedda, Saudi Arabia

Jern, Jennifer, Wealth Management Unit, Citicorp

Richard Judd, '99, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter

Bill Kaempfer, Professor of Economics, Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado, Boulder

Siddhant Kaul, '00, PhD. Program (ORFE), Princeton University

Mark Keeney, '86

James Lande

Anand Mehta, '99, Industry Analyst, The Fredonia Group

Amanda (Lattavo) Scassa, '97, Financial Analyst, J.M. Smucker Company

Franklin Lim

Doug Linton

Tim Lyons, Associate in the Global Finance Department of Citibank

Shawn Marks, '00, Credit Analyst, National City Bank

Jay Michael, '63

Robert Mondillo, OSRAM SYLVANIA Products Inc.

Jeff Moore, Andersen Consulting

Michael Murray, '99, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter

Travis Nieman, '99, Business Development Manager, Coca-Cola Company

Nathan Noy, '94, Fisher School of Business, Ohio State University, MBA Program

Neil Pal

Sohil Parekh, '99, Technology and Policy Program, MIT

Aden Pavkov, '00, Merger & Acquisitions Analyst, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

Wendi (Phillips) Smith, '91, Service Level Assurance Manager, Media One

Mei Yee Poon, SAP Asia, Systems

James Pruce, '98, Deloitte Touche

Kaushik Rathi, '00, Account Manager/Bus. Development Mgr., Megasoft Consultants.

Jim Remnant, '77

Jeffrey Smith, CFP

Bob Springer, '73

John Stelter, '69

Ramon Stewart, '01, Management Accociate, McDonald Investments/KeyCorp.

Ken Temple, Flemings, Inc., New York.

Sin-Yi (Cindy)Tsai, EVEREN Securities

Luboslav Tzanev, '98, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Complient Corp.

Stefan Tzvetkov,'98, Mergers & Acquisitions Group, Chase Manhattan Corp.

Drew Ward, '84, Director of Bid Pricing, NCR Corporation

Jack Ward, '67

Ahmed Warraich, '00, MG Financial Group, Foreign Excchange Dept.

Andrew Weaver, Ohio Statehouse

William Wright, Attorney

Carrie Yuen, '91, Finance Specialist, Andersen Consulting

Tom Zambito, USAid




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