Open spa in the forest in the suburb of Kunming




The Jin-Fang-Ri style open forest spa is located in the scenic areas of hot spring in An Ning County, surrounded by the hills and meandering creeks, old caves and deep woods, secluded and primitive. On the east side, there is Feng Mountain (Pheonix Mountain) covered in green and overlooking at the resort; and to the west is the Long Mountain (Dragon Mountain) buried by lush greenery. To the north, there is Bi Jia Mountain (Pen-Holder Mountain) shooting up to the sky, with the Criket River winding slowly inside it, honoring the name of the Crikets' Wonderland. It is believed that this Jin-Fang-Ri open health spa is the only open forest spa in Yunnan, which uses the hot mineral spring water directly from deep underground, at 42-45 celcius degrees temperature, containing such minerals as sodium, potassium, magnecium, and carbinate calcium, which is edible and good to bathe in. Built at the foot of the mountain, the spa occupies 40,000 square meters of land, with locker rooms, 19 spa pounds big and small. To make your experience at the spa as pleasant as possible, we also provide recreational activities, restaurants, tea houses and summer houses. The establishment is also designed according to the art of gardening and horticulture, to make sure your experience with us is as benefitial to your health as relaxing and uplisting to your spirit.

金方日式露天森林温泉场坐落在安宁温泉镇温泉风景区。这里山环水复,洞奇林深,古刹幽邃,奇观迭出。东边有凤山俯首吐翠,西边龙山含绿而眠,北边笔架山凌空而起,中间有螳螂江缓缓流过,不失为“螳川仙境”。 据介绍,金方日式温泉浴场是目前云南省唯一的一座日式露天森林温泉浴场,浴场所使用的水,是来自地下深处的优质地热矿泉水,常年水温在42—45摄氏度之 间,内含人体所需的钠、钾、镁、碳酸钙镁等重要微量元素,可饮可浴。浴场依山而建,占地60亩,设有更衣楼,大小温泉浴池19个。为了让客人在享受健康温 泉之余,可以展开各种休闲活动,金方假日还在浴场修建了风味餐厅、茶楼、别墅等。同时,浴场的修建还吸收了日式建筑风格和中国园林文化的精华,令你在优美 的自然环境中能享受到诱人的健康温泉,以及贴心的日式服务。 地址: