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Historical Cataloging: Final Report

The Five Colleges of Ohio Government Documents Historical Cataloging Project "officially" concluded on June 30, 2001, although the individual libraries have continued the project's work at a different pace. The final report of the Mellon grant project, written by Project Coordinator Ellen Conrad, is available below:

Final Report

  • Report Cover Letter by Ellen P. Conrad
    1. Background
    2. Project
    3. Procedures and Policies
    4. Statistics and Accomplishments
    5. Conclusion
    6. Denison University
    7. Kenyon College
    8. Oberlin College
    9. Ohio Wesleyan University
    10. The College of Wooster

    1. Financial Statistics
    2. Cataloging Progress by Original Priority Classes (pdf)
    3. Historical Documents Cataloging Project Statistics
    4. Gray Report: Cataloging Assignments Completed and Yet to be Done
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    URL: http://www3.wooster.edu/Library/Gov/Ohio5Docs/Catalog/finalreport.html
    Editors:  Jennifer E. McMullen and David J. Miller
    The College of Wooster Libraries, January 2002